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New for 2012!!
Striking A Livestock is partnering with Deer Creek Watershed Conservancy to bring you 2012 beef!!
What's this all about??

The Striking A Story.....

 Our cow herd had its humble beginning way back in 1991. For the last 18 years we've been working on producing quality beef calves for the commodity market; we run our cows on grass year round and sell their calves to stockers or feedlots. However, we have always believed that a grass fed system, where the cattle are kept on pasture throughout the entire process, made more sense on a lot of levels. It would be better for the cattle (no dorm style living or unnatural diets), better for the planet (less fuel used on transport, fewer water quality issues) and better for people (grass fed meat has lots of health benefits). To make the transition, however, seemed daunting; it meant changing the way things had been done for years. We are please to say we are now offering high quality grass fed beef at reasonable prices.

The same straightforward management applies to the animals lined up for 2012. Check out our beef page for the scoop on our new partnership with Deer Creek Watershed Conservancy. We think this is a tremendous opportunity to promote stronger communities and sustainable agriculture while providing affordable and accessible, high quality, healthy meat.
 As usual, please look over our policies and let us know if you have any input. This is an evolving process  and we realize that it won't work for us unless it works for you. Rest assured that we continue to have the highest commitment to quality and would not offer anything we are not proud of. We hope you enjoy the website. It is always a work in progress so check back often for more photos and updates. We'd also like to extend an offer to come visit the ranch and see all this stuff in person.

Hang on, what about the goats? Nobody has said anything about the goats! And there's a lot to be said, ask any of our neighbors. Check out the goat page for the scoop.

We have had tremendous response for 2010 & 2011 beef orders!
Thanks to everyone and check out
the blog to learn more!

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